The Best Cities To Call Home In Alaska

Dated: 02/25/2016

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Alaska is the largest state in the union and considered America’s final frontier. The qualities that make up the state of Alaska varies from coast to coast and depending on the local customs, making it a wonderful place to call home. Unlike the states in the lower 48, the Alaskan real estate market outperformed market averages during the housing crisis and has since recorded and expanded with hundreds of new residents moving to Alaska every day. These are some of the best cities in Alaska to call home.

1) Anchorage

Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska and offers wide variety of outdoor activities with all the convenience of a mid-sized city. The Alaskan real estate market has recovered within recent years, largely with the help of new businesses moving into Anchorage for the first time and setting up shop. Estimates suggest that Anchorage will add as many as 7,200 jobs by 2016 with an unemployment rate currently sitting around 5%.

2) Dillingham

Located in the southwestern corner of Alaska, Dillingham is a charming harbor town on Nushagek Bay and one of the leading economic transit routes for western Alaska. Dillingham has a population of around 2,413 people, and retains its small town charm through its remote access. There are no public highways to Dillingham, so the only way to reach the town is via boat or plane. The average home price of a property in Dillingham is approximately $149,000.

3) Sitka

Acting as the 4thlargest city in the state with a quaint 9,046 residents, Sitka is a city located in southeastern Alaska. Sitka has a rich historical history with over 10,000 years of settlement from the Tlinget tribesmen, the Russians, and the United States government. Sitka is located on the water so the fluctuations in climate change are minor, but the city does experience heavy rainfall year-round. Sitka accommodates one of two state history museums and around 22 buildings labeled as nationally recognized historical places.

4) Juneau

Juneau is the state capital of Alaska and uniquely enough, the only U.S. capital that requires a plane or boat to get to. The city is nestled in the valley between two mountains and is famous for the glaciers residing in the nearby national park. Juneau is filled with fresh seafood and is a booming industry for commercial fishing, and a hotspot for investors. The average home vacancy rate for the average city is about 5%, but Juneau has an impressive 0.8% vacancy rate in the Alaskan real estate market the last few years.

5) Palmer

Palmer is home of the Alaska state fair that draws in around 300,000 attendees every year. The average Alaskan real estate home prices for Palmer is around $191,000 and is only slightly higher than the national average. Palmer first joined the map following WWI where it was a major coal distributor for the war efforts. Palmer is a little over 40 miles away from Anchorage making it an easy destination into town whenever you need something or want a taste of city life here and there.

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