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Closet doors make up a significant portion of the wall space in most bedrooms. Leaving those doors unadorned, white and boring is a wasted opportunity for adding a dash of color, pattern, or personality to your space. Instead, why not give one of these 18 ideas a try? None are very expensive or take much more than a weekend afternoon, so you can give your bedroom a mini-makeover and still have time to enjoy your Saturday night.



  1. Add slim mirrors to bifold doors. Not only do the mirrors add an interesting visual element, but they’ll reflect more light in the room, too.



2. If you can’t take looking at your plain, ugly closet doors anymore but don’t have the money to replace them, use paint to make them look a little more interesting. This two tone effect is a huge improvement!



3. These slab doors were jazzed up with panel moulding trim and black handles. They’re lovely in that space.



4. Curtains in lieu of doors are a nice touch in a girl’s room. You can keep them simple or frilly and can change them out often. I’m honestly considering this idea for my own closet!



5.  See… don’t these ruffled drapes look totally romantic?



6. I don’t know exactly how to describe these closet doors, but they give off a barn door/saloon type vibe that I absolutely love. The black handles and the gate hinges really make them. Gorgeous!



7. Here’s a modern barn door option for a small closet with a single door. Love!



8. To be perfectly honest, bi-fold doors drive me crazy. That said, I like this option of separating them and putting them on a track to slide them out of the way rather than fold them out of the way.



9. Old shutters look gorgeous as closet doors. They look so rustic! (Site in Italian.)



10. Make any closet a little fancier with French doors.



11. This mom converted her sons’ flat bi-fold doors into these beautiful craftsman style closet doors that really stand out.



12. Cover the doors in chalkboard paint to give your child a fun canvas to create on every day. This is a great idea for kitchen and pantry closet/cabinet doors, too, because you can write a menu, grocery list, etc. on them as needed.



13. A painted ceiling medallion gives these closet doors an ornate, European look that certainly no one would call boring.



14. These are bi-fold doors that look like barn doors. In a room where it’s impractical to have sliding or out-swinging doors, this is really an attractive option.



15. Any Fixer Upper fan would love these shiplap doors with modern handles.



16. These fabric covered closet doors can add dimension to a room.


17. Turn your closet doors into an accent wall! The bold pop of color here is absolutely stunning, and you can re-paint them whenever you’d like to accent your room in a different color.



18. And finally, if you have an old pallet lying around, use the wood to create your own sliding pallet closet door.



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